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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Venue: Turf Club

City: St.Paul, MN

Date: October 7th 2017

Be there soon

Bless me audiophiles for I have sinned. It has been 0 days since my last concert confession.

Paul Cauthen perplexes me. I accidentally stumbled onto his music when I saw him open for Cody Jinks a long with Ward Davis when I was living in Seattle (2017). He's a big dud and his demeanor in person is something akin to a character from

one of the Cohen brothers neo-westerns. The good ol' boy outlaw who busts the heads of racist assholes and is well practiced in meditation. He has Cash's baritone warble, Kristopherson's songwriting chops and The Dude's outlook on life. The one thing I remember apart from the music was the conversation I had at the bar with a couple guys who were also there to see. The gist of it was 'We're lucky to see him at this point in his career right before he blows up and no longer plays intimate venues like Turf Club'. He has yet to make this meteoric rise, but don't be surprised on the day you find yourself wearing cowboy boots, a bolo tie and two stepping to his music. Ok...maybe that won't happen. It probably won't. Trust me when I tell you, that man has an intoxicating presence and uncommon swagger for artists in his category and his day will be here soon.

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