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I confess...
Heya. My name is Eric Rice. I'm an anagram and the author.

Until every artist in the world follows suit with Jack White and stops allowing phones at their shows, we'll be taking pictures and videos at every concert we go to. Concert Confessional

was born out of my need to put the ones I shot to good use. I'm using this space,these images and these videos as a means of reflecting on what stood out to me most about the music, the venue, the people I was with, where I was in life, what I was going through and how all of these things are interconnected. I assume because you've found your way to my corner of the digital dance floor, you're probably also a concert goer or at least appreciate music and over-sharing as much as I do. I hope some of my words connect with you or encourage you to be more intentional with your experiences.



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