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Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Venue: Hollywood Palladium

City: Los Angeles, CA

Date: November 17th 2017

Dance yrslf clean.

Bless me audiophiles for I have sinned. It has been 8 days since my last concert confession.

Ever find yourself realizing just how good your had it with an ex-lover, former employer, gypsy fortune teller, etc. a long time after you've moved onto another lover, employer, gypsy? That was not the case with LCD Soundsystem. The LCD Soundsystem I saw in '17 were way fucking better than the one I saw the first time when they opened for Arcade Fire in '06. Was it the additional experience? Was James Murphy wary of destroying Win Butler's fragile ego? Or were they just not super thrilled about playing in the lesser twin city of St.Paul? Whatever it was; that performance didn't hold a candle to the one I saw a couple years ago. It was the first show of a mini-residency at the Hollywood Palladium in LA where they had no opening band. They were it and they were all. Maybe when you own the venue, you feel more ownership and more responsibility to give the damn people what they want. This was also a coming-out-of-retirement tour; so the last thing you want to do is convince people that you should have stayed retired.

I got to go to this show on a whim when the post-production company I was working with decided to go and also decided to take everyone from our agency who was finishing the campaign we were working on. Thank you again, Arcade/Timber. Thank you massively. Getting there involved a large vehicle with many wheels and other things to grease our human wheels. Once we got there, our agency almost immediately splintered off into their respective cliques. Because ad agency. Because Minnesota ad agency. Instead of chasing people around, I just hung back with the post-production company peeps and white guy danced all the sweats out. Almost as many sweats as James Murphy. If you can cleanse your mind of the things that plague it, I certainly did that on that balmy LA night in November.

Sorry in advance. My body took control of my brain.


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